One afternoon, I went to visit a friend’s house.

Ben, the middle Pierce child, decided to go with me. After visiting for a while, we left and went to the thuk mitot (small market) to grab a few things. Ben is a hard worker and is always looking for ways to earn money. When he earns money, he then--of course--has to find a way to spend it.

As we walked through the thuk mitot, I could tell Ben was on the lookout for something. When I asked him what it was, he simply told me he had some money and wanted to buy something fun, maybe a whistle.

We stopped at many different shops and finally found a whistle. As Ben was weighing his color options, a boy walked up to make a purchase. I noticed he was holding a rooster. I jokingly made a comment about Ben buying the rooster. Ben, however, did not see this as a joke; his eyes immediately lit up and he enthusiastically said that was a great idea.

As we began to negotiate a price with the boy, I remembered how noisy our roosters were in Nasir and also that roosters don’t only crow in the morning, but all day long. I didn’t want to give him the okay to buy the rooster without asking his parents, so we asked the boy to follow us home to get an answer.

Unfortunately for Ben (and fortunately for the rest of us who like sleep), when we arrived home, Jared and Keisha said no to the rooster. They did, however, say he could buy a chicken since they are not as loud. Arrangements were made with the boy to bring back a chicken. A few days later, the boy showed up with Ben’s chicken tucked under his arm.

I'm sad to report that his chicken only stayed with us one day before flying over the fence and getting lost. No worries though, the Pierce kids now have a mama goat, Nana Montana and her baby, Himalayas. I’m sure the two of them will bring about many more stories!