When we arrived in Ethiopia back in March, the first thing we did was to begin searching for our friends from Nasir. We would stop individuals on the street, asking if they had any news from South Sudan. We were able to reconnect with most of our friends, but we had been unable to reach Nyaret and Nyibol, the two ladies who served us so faithfully in Nasir.

One Saturday we finally decided to make the trip out to Matar, a town about an hour from the South Sudan border where we had heard Nyibol was staying. Early in the morning eight of us loaded up in a Land Cruiser and set out to try and find Nyibol.

After four bumpy hours we made it to Matar and began to canvass the town, stopping people to ask if they knew her. We heard vague responses of people who had seen her a few weeks ago, but no one knew where she was now. Then, out of nowhere, we ran into her son, who told us she was in the refugee camp in Nyinyang, about 30 minutes away.

Although us kuwayni (foreigners) did not have approval to enter the camp, some of the group went with her son into the camp to find her while we waited under a tree on the side of the road. (We were so blessed to have her son with us, because there’s no way we would have found her amidst the 40,000 people living in the camp.) Finally we saw the car coming back and there was Nyibol!

It was a sweet reunion, and there were many rounds of “Male, male migoa, male midiit” before we all got back into the car to return to Gambella. On the drive back, Nyibol told us some of her story. Back in March she had suffered a gunshot wound and had been transported to a MSF hospital in South Sudan. After she was discharged, she walked for 10 days back to Nasir before finding her way to the refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Perhaps the craziest part is that as we were driving, we got a text from Jared that Nyaret, who we thought was in South Sudan, had just shown up in Gambella.


This morning we were finally able to meet all together with Nyaret and Nyibol. We prayed, thanking God for his amazing provision of reuniting us after months of praying to see each other again. We believe that only the Lord could have both led us to Nyibol and brought Nyaret to Gambella, all in one day.