It’s raining in Nasir.

This unfortunate news came Sunday evening, and we were scheduled to fly into Nasir on Tuesday.

Things were not looking good. The flight wasn’t surely cancelled, so we prayed for the rain to stop so that the airstrip wouldn’t be too wet to land.

Monday morning we received the call that it had rained in Nasir overnight, and the airstrip was too wet to land on Tuesday. My spirit sank. We all really wanted to get to Nasir. Our stay in Kampala had been great as we transitioned to living in Africa, but we were ready to move past this middle ground and get to work.

Not to mention, three weeks in a house with nine people was getting a bit trying at times.

Okay, I could wait a few days for the airstrip to dry out. But then we got more bad news. The first flight we could schedule with MAF (our charter organization) wasn’t until October 27th. Great. A month just sitting around.

These were my initial thoughts:

It is what it is, but I wasn’t too happy with it, and I knew I needed to check my attitude.

We all began to pray for a miracle to happen, that we would get a sooner flight. Emails to prayer warriors in the states were sent. As I prayed and worked through my own discouragement and negative thoughts, I was reminded again that God controls everything and that I needed to surrender my attempt at control. I also became aware of some selfishness rooted in myself, as not all of my motivation for getting to Nasir was selfless.

I was really looking forward to getting my own space and to start getting the ball rolling.

As I prayed through all of this, I received many words of encouragement from people back home. One of my good friends back in Houston reminded me that I’m here following God's will, not my own agenda. Even if I was to never get to Nasir, that’s okay because He called me and I’m giving Him glory by being obedient.

He's placed the team everywhere we should be thus far, and He's going to continue to do the same. I will always be exactly where I need to be in His will, and I need to just focus on the reason not the problems.

So that’s what I’m trying to do, be where God needs me to be each day and be who God needs me to be each day. During the time of waiting in Kampala, I tried to focus on just being and not always having to do, spending my time just listening to the Lord’s leading, seeking Him and learning to hear His voice.