By Tianna Chapman

Some things in your Christian life you always remember, such as when you met Jesus for the first time or when you got baptized. Something I love and never forget is when the Holy Spirit brings conviction! It is in such a loving way that after you are left feeling loved rather than condemned. 

I have been wrestling with the topic of healing and poverty. I see so many children here in South Sudan suffering from malnutrition with their swollen bellies and copper red hair, along with fevers and malaria. As I sat in Sunday school at a local church cradling a small child with a high fever as he fell asleep in my arms, I begged the Holy Spirit to move. I ask the Holy Spirit to move in power because I know He can! God still works in the miraculous! I know it and I believe it! But why am I not seeing it?

As I sat wrestling with this topic thinking what am I doing wrong. Am I not abiding in Him enough? Am I saying the wrong words when I pray for healing? What can I do to make the Holy Spirit move?

But I have it all wrong, as I sensed the Holy Spirit so graciously and lovingly say, and I cannot demand or dictate how the Holy Spirit will move. I am His vessel not the other way around.

Let that seep in real quick! That is truth!

Now as I sit, thinking of what I can do, I have to rest in my faithfulness. God only calls me to be faithful to Him! If that means the Holy Spirit will move in power through my prayers, or me praise God! But right now my faithfulness is holding a little child with a high fever comforting him while he sleeps in my safe and loving arms. My faithfulness is seeing, smiling and waiving at the children yelling Khawaja (white person) as I drive by. My faithfulness is visiting my neighbors and praying for the sick. My faithfulness is babysitting missionary kids for parents to get rest. My faithfulness is to sit and weep with a hurting friend. My faithfulness is to war in prayer for South Sudan. How can I say that the Holy Spirit can’t or doesn't move through my simple acts of faithfulness?

Father, I will walk in faithfulness for your glory!