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Does Every Village work in other countries?

No. South Sudan is a unique place facing unique challenges. We desire depth and focus, and our work will always remain within the nation. We won’t stop until every village has a healthy church led by a local pastor, clean water to drink, and access to radio.

Does Every Village partner with other organizations?

Yes, we partner with organizations on a case-by-case basis. If your organization is looking to partner with us, contact Ben Pineda at

Where can I get more information about South Sudan?

Read more information about South Sudan—including its political, cultural, and economic landscape—at the CIA factbook’s page located here.

With such a low literacy rate, how do most in South Sudan access the Bible?

Only a few Bible translations exist in the tribal languages and there’s widespread illiteracy. Most in South Sudan are left with no access to scripture. Our radio broadcasts and long-term missionaries orally share Bible stories, introducing the beautiful hope of Jesus to the South Sudanese people in an accessible and reproducible form.