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Internship FAQs

Where will I stay during my internship?

While you are in Kampala, Uganda, you will stay at our Team House. The house is equipped with running water, electricity, internet, and a cook. During your time in South Sudan, you will stay on a missionary compound. Sleeping arrangements will be dependent upon intern demographics, but you will either stay in one of the mud huts or in a large tent. The compound is equipped with solar power, running water for showers and drinking, and internet (limited use).

What do we eat?

Many meals consist of rice and beans, but other local items are also incorporated into meals, such as bread or seasonal produce. Additionally, various staple items will be brought in from Kampala. Please be prepared to bring your own breakfast (such as instant oatmeal) and snack foods (such as granola/protein bars, jerky, fruit snacks, etc.).

What do I pack?

We will provide you with an extensive list of packing requirements as well as various recommendations. You will only need expect to bring 3-4 changes of clothes, as laundry can be done on the compound. Women must wear long skirts (mid-calf) and men will need to bring pants. Due to weight restrictions on the charter planes into South Sudan, you will be limited to one 20 kg bag.

What will I need to do to prepare for my trip?

We will guide you through various training sessions to provide you with an introduction to Every Village, South Sudan, and Missions, as well as Cross Cultural Communications, Language Learning, and Team Dynamics. Additionally, you will be required to have a valid passport (that will not be expiring within 6 months of your return date) and up-to-date immunizations. Lastly, 100% of funding must be secured before you leave.

How do I raise the money?

We will work with you on ways to rally financial and prayer support. This is crucial to your trip, as 50% of funding must be attained before we book your flight (6-8 weeks before departure) and 100% must be raised before you leave for South Sudan.

Will there be training?

Yes! You and your fellow interns will complete online training modules to provide an introduction to Every Village, South Sudan, Missions, Cross-Cultural Communication, Language Learning, and Team Dynamics. Training and regular calls with our Missionary Director will take place in March, April, and May. Your final training and orientation will take place in Uganda, prior to entering South Sudan.