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Missionaries FAQs

Who is qualified?

Every Village does not have any specific degree requirements or certifications. However, we do have an extensive application process. Find the preliminary missionary application here.

What will my role be?

Long-term missionaries equip and train local South Sudanese leaders to plant and pastor churches, manage Every Village projects on the ground, and work with community members for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

What is the duration of a long-term missionary's commitment?

Our long-term missionaries make a six-month commitment to training and a two-year commitment to live in South Sudan. At the end of the term, missionaries and Every Village can reevaluate the commitment.

Do I raise my own support?

Yes. All long-term missionaries raise 100% of their support.

How long is training?

Training is six months. You’ll be equipped with everything you need to be an effective minister of the gospel in South Sudan.

Where will I live?

Currently, we are sending long-term missionaries to Tonj and Mvolo. Missionaries will live in a small house based on an Every Village property in our focus areas.

Will I go alone or with a team?

All missionaries go with a team or join an existing team in one of our focus areas.