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Radio FAQs

Who are your partners?

Galcom International produces our hand-held radios, and Diguna builds our radio towers. We also partner with organizations such as KSBJ RadioReach Beyond, and TWR to provide ongoing training and mentoring for our stations.

Where did the concept of incorporating radio into Every Village's ministry originate?

In 2006, Every Village asked the question, “How do we get the gospel to South Sudanese people?” Radio was the answer; it's a medium that transcends all others in terms of accessibility and reach.

How much of the country are you covering?

Our radio towers now cover approximately 25% of South Sudan’s population, giving an unprecedented amount of people access to God’s Word and community development teaching.

Why do you distribute hand-held radios?

Solar-powered, hand-held radios are fixed-tuned to the local station. Many homes in South Sudan do not have access to radio, leaving them without a way to hear the gospel being broadcast through the airwaves. Our dream is for every household in South Sudan to have access to the radio. Learn more.

How does this work, logistically?

South Sudanese staff members run local studios based near our towers, broadcasting content in the local languages. 

What type of programming is on the radio?

Our radio towers broadcast Bible stories, sermons from local pastors, education information, and health & hygiene training, among other things.

Why is radio so important?

In addition to the massive reach of radio, the South Sudanese have so little access to other media sources because of limited infrastructure and literacy. For many listeners, this is their only access to the God’s Word and community development teaching.