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Trips FAQs

How long are trips?

Typically two weeks.

How long does it take to get to South Sudan?

From our US office in Houston, Texas, it's about a 10-hour flight to Europe. After about a four-hour layover, it's an eight-hour flight to Entebbe, Uganda. After spending the night, a short-term team would then take a small, private plane into South Sudan.

How many people go on a trip?

Usually, no more than 10. Our trips require at least seven people to go. Otherwise, the trip isn't cost-effective.

Should I participate in a short-term trip, what are the conditions like in South Sudan?

South Sudan is very hot and humid, and temperatures can exceed 100 degrees farenheit during the day. Most of the time, you'll sleep in tents or mud huts and eat beans and rice for lunch and dinner. You may travel by Land Cruiser without air conditioning for long periods of time on rough roads. Your drinking water will be filtered, and electricity is scarce.  

How much does a trip cost?

$4,900 per person.