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Water FAQs

How much does a well cost?

Wells cost roughly $15,000 to $17,500 each. The areas where we work are extremely remote, causing our wells to cost more than wells in other parts of the world.

How does Every Village ensure sustainability?

Short-term teams and long-term missionaries train communities in health and hygiene, empowering them to maintain a well’s health. Missionaries on the ground monitor wells, ensuring they function properly.

Does Every Village drill the wells?

Every Village uses local partners on the ground to drill water wells in communities located within our focus areas.

How quickly are wells drilled when they are funded?

Most of our wells are drilled during the dry season when the water table is at its lowest point and the roads are maneuverable. We do this to ensure wells are drilled deep enough to be sustainable and allow drilling equipment to be transported efficiently. Dry season is usually between November and March.