By Tianna Chapman

One Wednesday morning, my teammate Chris was diligently working in my mud house rewiring the electricity. Stepping from behind the door out of the corner of his eye he saw a snake. Not just any snake but a spitting cobra. One that the venom can make a man go blind if it got into your eye. I then got word that a snake was found as I was across the compound in the Beless’ home. As I asked where it was I was not expecting to hear that it was in my house! Thankfully Chris, Brad and our South Sudanese friend, John Hyena killed it. 

Throughout the day I could easily push off any feelings of fear, but as night came the fear became very real. I was scared another snake would be in my house. What if I stepped out of my bed and one bit me? What if one is hiding under my chair? What if another one had come in, but this time no one saw it? Thinking how different the story could of went. As I tried to sleep that night, my mind raced with visions of a snake slithering into my door as I lay in bed.

The next day I was exhausted from only sleeping a few hours. I was talking with our compound manager, Peter, and he asked how I slept. I told him I did not sleep well because I feared the snake. He said,” Tianna, why are you fearing the snake that is dead? We already killed it.” I suddenly thought how right he was.

Why was I scared of something that was no longer a threat to me? I thought about the freedom we all have in Christ and how the enemy wants us to live in fear. I am a new creation in Christ, redeemed and transformed! Jesus has overcome the world! We have VICTORY over fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, and sin. We have FREEDOM in Christ! Many people live in fear that simply is lies of a false threat, instead of seeing truth that He has overcame the world. He wins! Love wins! Freedom wins!

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”