By Christina Roberts

I recently moved into my new home in Tonj, and it has been wonderful to have a nice place to call home.

My new house is a square structure, five x five meters, made of mud bricks, and has a thatched roof. Definitely nothing too lavish compared to American standards, or at least the part of America that I come from. Scorpions hide under boxes and in the walls between the bricks. Mice come in to feast on whatever crumbs are left out. But despite how lowly it may seem, it is quite a large estate in comparison to homes here.

When you have a friend who has a family of seven or eight that all stay in one hut smaller than yours, it’s definitely humbling. When you are preparing to burn an old cardboard box because you see it as trash and someone asks if they can have it to sleep on--whoa--it’s overwhelming. When your friend who wears the same holey shirt day after day generously brings some food to share with you, it’s very sobering.

After a year and a half of constantly moving around and living among these conditions, alongside those that physically have much less than I do, I still struggle with how God may be calling me to live and what He is leading me to do with my physical possessions. I pray Jesus would enable me to walk in ceaseless thanksgiving, with tremendous generosity and moral clarity as I seek what He is leading me to, and that it would all be done with exceeding joy.