In November, we hosted our first short-term mission team from the States. It was a lot of fun and it blessed us beyond words.  The team came and worked hard to complete projects in our homes and on our compound that we haven't had any spare time for.  They also spent a lot of time just hanging out with us. Almost every day, Blaise and I got to spend time just sitting in our living room sharing stories, struggles, testimonies, and triumphs with individuals from the team.  The team also got to do some really cool community outreach in a nearby village.

It was also really interesting because with them here, I realized just how much I've adjusted to life in Nasir. Things I once would have wrinkled my nose at are now an almost-daily part of my life.

Here are the things that I really noticed...

  • We eat food with bugs in it, because it's too time consuming to pick them all out.  Mostly we just eat weevils, but sometimes other things fly in there, too, and we just keep on eating.  

  • I use towels a bit longer than I probably should before washing them, because a load of laundry takes a lot of time and energy (and towels are the hardest to scrub and wring out).   

  • I get cold at night and have to use a comforter on my bed in order to sleep comfortably.  Cold.  In Nasir. 

  • I get a little upset when no one in our neighborhood is burning cow dung in the evening, because I know that the bugs will be worse that night.

  • I eat fresh bread and Ethiopian food from the market without even hesitating to think of the sanitary conditions in which the food was prepared...because it’s bread...and meat.

  • I drink unfiltered water offered to me when I visit friends’ homes, because it would be rude not to drink it.  

  • We cheer on bats and lizards as they work hard to catch bugs...just a few less that we have to deal with!

  • I don't even offer my English name to people anymore, because they'll actually remember and be able to pronounce my Nuer name, NyaMouc.

  • Every time someone tells me a story, I assume that it's really a parable and they are actually trying to indirectly give me advice.

  • Whenever someone yells "SNAKE!" I come running with my camera...never mind that I have no idea what kind it is, never mind that it could be poisonous, and never mind that I'm defenseless.

  • I get REALLY excited about restocking supplies like Ketchup and Doom.