By Kate Beless

One of my favorite parts of the week in Tonj is when we have a weekly devotional with all of the workers on our compound. This time consists of singing praise in the local language, telling a Bible story, and then a discussion.  We always ask our compound workers to go home and practice the story and then come back the next week prepared to tell it out loud. 

One time when I was leading the devotional, someone spoke up after I asked everyone to practice the story at home. “It is hard for us to remember the story because the demons follow us home on our bicycles and make us forget it.”  Wow.  That really hit me. 

The South Sudanese have limited access to the Bible, don’t have consistent teaching at church, and don’t know a lot of theology, but they do not shy away from recognizing the spiritual warfare that is trying to keep them from learning and meditating on the Word of Jesus Christ. 

I walked away thinking about everything I blame for not having time to spend in the Word – sick kids, too many chores, lack of sleep, etc…but I often neglect to consider or downplay the impact that spiritual warfare has on my daily walk with God. 

Satan doesn’t want you or me or the South Sudanese to spend time in the Word, to learn about Jesus, to sit in God's presence, so he will do anything to distract us from it.  So let’s call it what it is – it’s often not just busyness, it’s spiritual warfare and let’s kick it in the face!!!