By Kate Beless

Brad and I have been apart more than we have been together since we landed in Africa November 1st

Trying to figure out a new culture, a new way of life, pack everything up, and take care of our two-year-old and five-month-old (who keeps getting sick) by myself has been tiring. Sometimes I don’t handle it well.  The mornings are the hardest as it feels like everyone needs something at the same time. 

One recent morning, our two-year-old was whining for his toast while the baby was fussy and always wanted to be held. To be honest, I really needed to use the ladies’ room. Hoping mass chaos would not break out in the one minute I needed to myself, I rushed off.

All of the sudden I heard the baby’s crying turn into laughing, and I walked out to find my two-year-old playing with him and making him laugh. It melted my heart, but also brought with it a sense of peace. You see, since arriving in Africa, I have felt weighed down by being obedient. In part, this is caused by the less-than-ideal circumstances of being a “single mom” for so much longer than planned. 

I have felt called here by the Lord, but I was finding no joy in the calling. I only was here out of obedience, and that is not a good feeling. It can make God seem like a big bully, like an unloving God who doesn’t care about our needs.  But in that moment, I felt the Lord saying, “I love you, Kate. I want to bless you. I want you to have joy and peace.” 

That moment was an answer to so many prayers. Prayers that my boys would not just be brothers, but friends. Prayers that Asher would adjust to the new baby well. Prayers that Michael would be able to thrive despite all the transitions since his birth. But also prayers that the Lord would give me a peace and joy about being in Africa. 

God desires obedience, but he also loves to bless us, and I was reminded not to overlook his blessings. Sometimes, they can be found in small, little moments.