Our long-term missionary team started training, and we want to give you the opportunity to virtually meet each of the six adults moving to Nasir, South Sudan later this year. This is the fifth installment in our series intended to introduce you to new members of the Every Village family!

Jared Pierce

When did you first learn about South Sudan?

The first time I remember hearing about Sudan (before there was South Sudan) I was sitting in a Sunday school class for the first time where Executive Director Peter Swann was teaching. At the time, the only remarkable thing I remember was how passionate Peter was about this country I had never heard of before and wondering, "what is that about?"

How did you know God was calling you to live in South Sudan?

I was minding my business at the Every Village Annual Gala in 2012 and, as I sat there, God put the people of of South Sudan heavy on my heart. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I felt that weight, but then He used James 4:14 to hammer home for me that this was His story and South Sudan was written into my part of His story. Since then, God has confirmed that call many times in many ways.

When was your first trip abroad? Where did you go?

My first trip abroad was in October 2011. I went to Mvolo, South Sudan.

What excites you most about being in South Sudan?

The potential. The potential for the country to thrive and grow. The potential for the millions of smiling hopeful faces. Above all, the potential for what God can do to change South Sudan for His glory.

What has God been teaching you recently?

Freedom. He continues to show me that it is impossible to sacrifice for Jesus. Each time He calls us to lay down something that has made us comfortable or feel secure, it only affirms the reality that Jesus is better. Every time I think I can't, He does, and so the confidence that He is building, is for me, great freedom. Freedom from things that hold us back from more of Him.

Biggest thing you'll miss when you're in South Sudan?

I will miss most my friends, family, and our church.

Have any special talents? What are they?

Not sure if it is a talent or not, but I think what has served me well so far has been that I am just not scared to try anything. If it is trying to repair something or do something for the first time, I just go for it. I learn best by experience and to my surprise, I get a pretty good number of things done "right enough." 

Favorite thing to do when you're not fundraising or training for life in South Sudan?

There are lots, but my top one is a date alone with my wife, a close second is tickling my kids and listening to them laugh, and third is learning something new. 

What's one fun thing you have to do before you move to South Sudan?

Maybe a trip to Lego Land or Disney World.

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