Our long-term missionary team started training last week. We want to give you the opportunity to virtually meet each of the six adults moving to Nasir, South Sudan later this year. This is the second installment in our series intended to introduce you to new members of the Every Village family!

Laura Krone

When did you first learn about South Sudan?

In the fall of 2011, my church offered a short-term mission trip with Every Village for the following summer. I had been praying about how I might serve in East Africa, and I started researching more about South Sudan.

How did you know God was calling you to live in South Sudan?

After returning from a short-term trip with Every Village, the Lord gave me a desire to be a part of the gospel going to the ends of the earth. A couple months later, God led me to begin praying about joining the Nasir team. He made the calling clear through Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and answered prayer.

When was your first trip abroad? Where did you go?

In the summer after my junior year of high school, I spent 5 weeks in Berlin, Germany improving my language skills, learning about German culture, and exploring the city.
What excites you most about being in South Sudan?

Seeing lives changed and God glorified through the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What has God been teaching you recently?

God has been demonstrating his sovereignty over every area of my life, teaching me to trust in his perfect plans, to believe in the truth of his promises, and to surrender my desire for control.
Biggest thing you'll miss when you're in South Sudan?

I’ll miss my family, friends, Grace Bible Church, coworkers, being an engineer--even the hard hat and steel-toed boots.

Have any special talents? What are they?

I enjoy playing music, particularly the piano and violin.

Favorite thing to do when you're not fundraising or training for life in South Sudan?

I love being outside on a beautiful day--playing sports, hiking, and going to the beach.

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