More About Being a Missionary


The goal of the application phase is to give all parties involved an opportunity to learn more about the other. You can expect to engage in phone calls and/or face-to-face conversations, complete various assessments, and submit paperwork. When you are in South Sudan, Every Village is committed to partnering with your home church. The application phase allows us to begin building this relationship as we prepare to unite in support of your work in the field.

  1. Introduction to Every Village
  2. Initial Application
  3. Full Application
    • Long-Term Missionary Application Form
    • References
    • Interviews
    • Financial Statement
    • Intercultural Competency Scale (ICS) Assessment and Biblical Literacy Evaluation
    • Physical and Psychological Clearance  


All of our missionaries are self-funded and the funding must be secured before they leave for the field. Click here to see a breakdown of how your missionary support funds are allocated. This is an important phase as you work towards getting to the field. Not only does it mobilize you from a financial perspective, but it’s an opportunity to share about your answer to the call and unite with supporters in prayer.

  1. Support Raising Solutions (SRS) Bootcamp (click here to learn more about SRS)
  2. Coaching

Vision Trip

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing something with your own eyes must be priceless. Vision Trips allow missionaries in training to experience life in South Sudan and gain a better understanding of the mission. It’s an introduction to the culture, language, climate, and lifestyle of missionary life in South Sudan.

  1. Pre-Vision Trip Planning
  2. 2-4 week trip to visit Every Village teams
  3. On-the-field Training
  4. Re-Entry Debriefing


Wisdom is the ability to apply biblical truth to day-to-day life circumstances. The missionary will need copious doses of wisdom as they navigate through the complexities of working cross-culturally. Since Every Village only works in South Sudan, we seek to provide the best practical training to minister to the South Sudanese. The purpose of the training is to effectively inform (head), transform (heart), and equip (hands) you for years of service with Every Village in South Sudan.  

  1. Introduction to Every Village (vision, procedures, communications, etc.)
  2. Spiritual Formation
  3. Bible and Theology
  4. Animism, Islam, and Christianity in South Sudan
  5. Cross-Cultural Dynamics in South Sudan
  6. Language Learning
  7. Team Dynamics
  8. Empowering the South Sudanese
  9. Orality, Discipleship, and Church Planting in South Sudan 
  10. Village Medical Training
  11. Security Training
  12. Specialized Training (depending on your area of ministry) 


Every Village is committed to working with your home church to continue ministering to you while you are in the field. After you have completed the training and have raised all your funds, you will be sent out by your home church.   

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