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Summer can be hot—very hot. This heat often makes us thirsty. But imagine being unable to quench your thirst after a long walk outside. Imagine a world where the only water you can get is in a dirty river miles away.

This world may seem far off, but it was reality for a woman named Lois before a well came to her village in Mvolo earlier this year. Lois and the members of her community suffered greatly when they had no access to water. But then, supporters like you helped bring a well to her community and everything changed. 

As Lois celebrates transformation in her community, we are also struck by the fact that roughly half of South Sudan’s population still lacks access to clean water. But you can help. The first 30 wells funded for Mvolo before the next drilling season cost just $10,000 each. 

Will you give so more communities in Mvolo can get clean water? This will have such a powerful impact, as you can see in this short video about a woman named Mary. Thank you for joining us in transforming South Sudan

Dr. Peter Swann
Executive Director