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Interested in hearing about the incredible Radio Network in South Sudan and the solar powered, hand-held radios that share the gospel message? Be a part of the gospel going forward to South Sudan! 

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Meet Lazarus and Karlo

Give the gospel and community development teaching to someone new in South Sudan.

South Sudan's literacy rate is minuscule, leaving many without a way to access God's word, hygiene training, news, and other essential information. But $20 changes everything. This October, you can help us share the story of the gospel by funding 7,500 radios for the the South Sudanese, impacting an estimated 52,500 people.

Radio towers currently broadcast hope in local languages across the country. After you buy a solar-powered, hand-held radio, it's distributed so a small group can tune in. You can change one life for the same cost as one trip to a restaurant. 

During the month of October, we're gathering as many people together as possible, bringing transformation to South Sudan--one radio at a time.

Want to make an eternal impact?

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