Mid-September, Blaise, Christina, Laura, and I travelled to Limuru, Kenya (a suburb of Nairobi) for an African Christian radio conference.  I really had no idea what to expect, and to be completely honest, I was dreading it a little bit because I hadn’t yet gotten settled in Kampala and was still trying to get over jet lag.  I didn’t really want to travel anymore; however, the conference was completely amazing!

There are the obvious reasons: we knew virtually nothing about radio and it was an amazing educational experience, we met many other organizations whose main goal is to partner with new radio stations and help them get started, and we were able to share our vision with others working in South Sudan in various capacities and discuss ways in which we can pray for and support one another. 

But then there is the added benefit of getting to fellowship with believers from all over Africa and around the world.  I cannot begin to tell you how encouraged we have been by others who have years and years of experience as missionaries all over this continent. It was AMAZING to hear African pastors tell us about their churches sending out missionaries to other parts of their home countries and to other parts of Africa. It was affirming to hear seasoned missionaries tell us that the best way to reach the unreached people groups is through one-on-one, face-to-face discipleship. The radios across the continent are incredible in that they get the Word out there for everyone to hear, but the message was clear: nothing can replace actual human beings going out, physically living among the people, loving them in the name of Jesus, and discipling them well.  Radio is an amazing tool--maybe one of the most powerful tools here in Africa--but nothing can replace man in the Great Commission.

It was completely inspiring to hear so many people who are this passionate about our God and about seeing the Gospel literally reach to the ends of the earth.  Not only does it affirm our role in South Sudan, but it is just one more way in which I know that the Gospel is true.  Nothing is more impactful than praying and worshipping with believers from so many tribes, tongues, and nations!