So, we are gathering supplies for Nasir.  Lots of supplies.  I have had a lengthy list of stuff we shipped over a couple of months ago.  That was a good start, and we are honestly getting really close to having everything we need [insert excited high-fives here].

But one item has been elusive: the kerosene camp stove.

We will not have a range/over unit like we're familiar with here, but instead will do all of our cooking on a camp stove.  No big deal.  The big deal is that it must be kerosene, specifically.  And there are surprisingly few camp stoves that burn kerosene fuel.  The stoves that you can buy in your local camping section burn propane or some specialty fuel mix made by the company that manufactures the stove.  Because we must fly our fuel into Nasir and because charter companies will not fly propane (kerosene is a more stable fuel than propane), our options are limited.

So, after weeks of Google searches and reading through a lot of End Times blogs, forums, and reviews, we have finally found a kerosene stove! I only found one company that stocks it, but very soon this double-burner beauty will be ours!

Image Source here.

The hunt is over.