Last time I mentioned that I would begin to unpack our mission statement so that you can understand our heartbeat. Well, here it is:

We exist to bring glory to God through the transformation of every village in South Sudan by the spread of the gospel and community development.

Pretty simple to put on a page but quite impossible to work out apart from God's divine grace. And we know that Every Village only plays a tiny part of God's much bigger plan – but we want to do our part with as much of ourselves as we can. So let me break down our mission statement this way:

1. We exist to bring glory to God…
Our ultimate purpose and what I wrote about last episode.

2. through the transformation of every village in South Sudan…
We are nation building for Christ, and we believe that the evidence of God's glory is seen when communities of faith in South Sudan rise up to change the relational fabric of society. It is a holistic impact which will be realized within the church, the marketplace, the family, the government, and all other sectors.

3. by the spread of the gospel and community development.
This is the "how" of our work. Our methodology is defined by this two-fold approach. Neither one takes a back seat to the other, but both are essential to achieve the holistic transformation we pray for. We believe that each is a driver of the other. As the gospel is spread, people are changed leading them to work for the development of their communities; as communities develop, people are lifted from systemic poverty leading to new educational and spiritual growth.

Next time I will take our mission statement and begin to add our ministry model to explain how we specifically engage in ministry in South Sudan.

Andrew Brown

Executive Director