Why do we exist?

It's a question we all have asked in some form – from the sagest of philosophers to the simplest of children. It's a good question, and the answer depends entirely on your starting point. 

For followers of Christ the answer must begin with "the glory of God." And so many Christian ministries adopt a phrase similar to "We exist to bring glory to God…" at the beginning of their mission statements. At Every Village, ours is no different. And while the glory of God must remain the starting point, it does beg the question, "How will we bring glory to God?"

And this is where the many splendored members of the body of Christ respond uniquely with one accord. A nose would never say that its purpose is to support the body by walking just as a foot would never say that its job is to smell. But both walking and smelling are important functions of a body.

So it is in Christian ministry. Some choose to glorify God by fighting systemic poverty and its grave effects. Others choose to glorify God by caring for the widow or orphan. And the list goes on…

I am so thankful for each one of those ministries advancing God's kingdom in various ways. Just as the heavens sparkle with innumerable lights where an individual star is the tiniest part of the picture, so God's glory is far greater than any one ministry. And yet, in his kindness, God has chosen us to shine as stars in his breath-taking panorama.

So what I want to do over the next few posts is to share with you more about Every Village and how we see ourselves going about bringing glory to God. I will unpack our mission statement, ministry model, and core values so that you can stand with us in our work.

- Andrew Brown, Executive Director