Last time I defined "systemic transformation" as gradual change which requires patience and process. No question, there will always be an element of flexibility within a transformation model. There has to be. Because we are all learning effective ministry by trial and error.

There will be methods we employ that are immediately impactful and there will be methods that fail unceremoniously. And many methods fall somewhere in between – working in certain times and in certain places and not in others.

So without losing a willing flexibility, we have developed a process for ministry in South Sudan over our almost 20 years of experience working there. Through the years we have tried various strategies, all of them under the umbrella of our two-fold commitment – the spread of the gospel and community development.

  • We've built schools.

  • We've built clinics.

  • We've sent South Sudanese missionaries.

  • We've sent American missionaries.

All along, we've invested in South Sudan with both projects and people. That won't stop. But what has been made clear through our experiences is that we needed to focus on touching a few impactful areas with excellence rather than try to solve all problems with mediocrity. The project doors God has continued to open for us again and again are in radio and water. And the people opportunity before us has always centered around the need for more training.

Thus, we have honed our craft down to these three areas:

  1. Radio

  2. Water

  3. Training

These are the Every Village ministry areas and are what we've committed to for our Next Chapter.

Next time I will present our ministry model and where each of these three areas fit within the model.

Andrew Brown
Executive Director