Last time I briefly broke our mission statement down into three sections:

  1. We exist to bring glory to God…
  2. through the transformation of every village in South Sudan…
  3. by the spread of the gospel and community development.

At the very center of this vision is "the transformation of every village in South Sudan." We define transformation with both spiritual and physical metrics, thus, the last part of our statement. Most fundamentally, transformation can be defined as "change." Often, we know what change looks like but we don't always know the path to such change. 

A few important aspects of change that must be understood at the outset is that on a systemic level, change happens gradually over time. It takes patience and process. It is never accidental but requires a concerted input to produce a desired output. For by nature, we are all slaves to the law of entropy – that is, everything tends toward disorder.

But God…

This is the beauty of our story. In the midst of the disorder, God orders. When all is void, God speaks. And we have the joy of accompanying him in that ordering work. He gave mankind dominion over creation – not to dominate but to order. 

This is where we see ourselves fitting in at Every Village. When we dream of transformation in South Sudan, we dream of societal and heart-level order. Some would call it shalom. But in the world's newest nation without historical structure or spiritual legacy, we know it will happen gradually over time. It will take patience and process. We are in it for the long haul and we are developing a process by which we can help bring a bit more shalom to the spheres of society God has opened for us.

Next time I will introduce our three areas of ministry as I begin to explain our process for transformation.

Andrew Brown
Executive Director