Last time I shared why Every Village has committed to being a part of providing clean water to South Sudan. Without others focusing on this basic life-need in our areas of operation, we feel compelled by love to be a part of the solution. And we don't want to have a hit-and-run approach just scattering the landscape with water wells that will eventually break. We want to develop community-based systems that last. This is the right to ensure proper stewardship.

All of this inherently connects to our third area of ministry, which is training. I have shared before that Every Village does not want to simply be a projects-oriented organization but a people-oriented organization. This is essential when discussing the sustainability of any work. We could implement the most sophisticated of programs, but if we aren't raising up the South Sudanese leaders who can carry on that work, it will all be for naught within one generation.

Americans are not the ones who will be in South Sudan long-term. It is the South Sudanese who can and must lead their nation to sustainable development, and it is the South Sudanese church who can and must lead their nation to gospel-centered transformation.

This is why training is at the very heartbeat of any sustainability plan.

Specifically for us, we embrace the privilege and responsibility to equip our South Sudanese employees with the training, tools, and resources necessary for them to succeed in their roles. This requires both an emphasis on professional and spiritual development.

In response, we are providing short-term workshops, mid-term internships, and long-term sponsorships for our team so that they can grow as leaders to carry on the work. We have opportunities for volunteers to travel to South Sudan to facilitate important training topics, and we also seek to partner with other like-minded organizations who have technical expertise that can be shared with our South Sudanese leaders.

Throughout my posts, you will hear words like sustainability and stewardship. That's because these are core values that we seek to pursue in all of our endeavors.

Next time I will reflect on these values and more that are at the heart of who we are.