Tonj is located on a river in the northwestern part of South Sudan and is the largest city in the Warrap state. It is home to the Dinka Rek people, a sub-tribe of the Dinka. Dinka are known to be people who never cry, thinking tears are shameful. Additionally, the Luo and the Bongo tribes reside here.

The people of Tonj grow crops and raise livestock. In the village’s central market, foods, vegetables and basic goods are sold daily. Tonj is a key village along the main trade route from Uganda heading north into South Sudan.

Tonj is the newest Every Village target area. In 2012, we drilled several water wells here. Our partner on the ground is In Deed and Truth, a missionary organization based in Tonj.

Population: APP 770K

Language: Dinka

Sudan State: Warrap