In January, while in Kampala, we had the amazing joy of meeting with other refugee missionaries that had been working in South Sudan. We got to spend time with them in prayer for the South Sudanese people that we love so much.

But a question kept coming up as I was introduced to different people.

"What do you do there?"

An innocent question, but granted most of them were doctors or in charge of orphanages. They had, what I perceived to be, “real jobs."

“Ummm…” I would begin to respond. “We are just regular missionaries. We drill water wells and have radio towers that share the gospel through Bible stories, but my main focus is discipleship.”

They were always so excited and would talk about the need for discipleship in South Sudan. But somewhere in the back of my mind I felt small. I had to fight Satan's lies that my job wasn’t as important because I wasn’t a doctor or nurse.

In the midst of the trials, God continues to push us into beautiful discipleship relationships. As I was walking home this week with some new friends, Nyateth and Nyamulan, a child with special needs passed us by. I clearly heard the Lord say, “Go back. Pray for her."

I immediately obeyed, but not without questioning. “Lord, surely you aren’t wanting me to pray for healing. Do I have that much faith?” I began to pray and the Lord led me to pray blessings and protection over her--that she would know the love of her heavenly father and that others would love her in the same way.

That was it.

The girls were a little shocked that I would turn us back to pray for her. Nyateth and Nyamulan are teenagers. They enjoy spending time with us and it seems that they look up to the ladies on the team like big sisters.

This is what I do in Africa. I just live. And God uses it. He uses it to demonstrate his love for someone who might not always feel loved.  He uses our lives to demonstrate to James our guard what it means for Jared to love his wife and children well. He uses it to demonstrate forgiveness, as I have to ask for it often. It’s our lives on display to a watching people. It’s His light in us, shining in the darkness.

What a privilege we have! It’s an honor, and it’s beautiful.

You have the same privilege. Jesus calls us to make disciples. This is no menial task. It’s our lives, and--ultimately--it’s the eternal lives of others.

Be encouraged, beloved. He is worthy!