What We Do


Every Village's radio network supports the work of long-term missionaries, broadcasting the gospel and community development teaching through solar-powered, hand-held radios distributed in local communities.

Illiteracy is rampant in South Sudan, and many are unable to read the Bible.

But our radio network reaches the masses with the gospel and community development teaching—broadcasting Bible stories, health & hygiene training, news, and educational programming in local languages.

Meet Lazarus and Karlo:

Did you know giving a solar-powered, hand-held radio can CHANGE someone’s life for eternity? Give the life-changing Gospel message to someone in South Sudan.

South Sudan's literacy rate is minuscule, leaving many without a way to access God's word, hygiene training, news, and other essential information. But $20 changes everything.

ACT NOW and you can help us share the gospel by funding more radios for the South Sudanese. Our goal is to fund 250,000 radios, impacting a quarter of the population of South Sudan. That encompasses our three radio towers and their coverage areas.

After you buy a solar-powered, hand-held radio, it's distributed to a family (average 7.5 people) so they can tune in. You can change ONE life eternally for the same cost as one trip to a restaurant, a movie and popcorn, or a few Starbucks drinks. 

Buy a radio

Are you interested in helping us bring transformation to South Sudan? It’s simple…it starts ONE radio at a time. Fund one radio…or many more!

Want to make an eternal impact, host a radio party, or become a Radio Ambassador?

Contact G. House at g.house@everyvillage.org to learn more.